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Published on 24 November 2020 at 10:46

Now that the Nations League group stage has come to a close, we decided that this is the right moment to review our top Jerseys from this competition. This blogpost will describe our top 5 picks for the best looking Jerseys and why we like them so much.

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Nations League

5. San Marino Home Jersey 7.5/10

The 2020 San Marino home jersey is made by Macron an has that stunning Argentinian light blue color. Combined with the suddle white accents we think this is a really stunning look. Macron did a very good job of keeping the shirt clean. We think this shirt had even the potential of being number one on the list, but unfortunately 1 accent ruined this for us. Yes we are talking about that awful pattern over the shirt, which ruins the shirt in our opinion if you look at it from up close, but is much less noticeable if you see the shirt from a distance. 



  • Very nice colors
  • Very clean design


  • Ugly pattern, which ruins the shirt from up close
San Marino Football Jersey

4. The Netherlands Home Jersey 7.6/10

We had to include our home country in this list. Not because this is the best jersey we've had, far from that, but just because the unique colors. Where else do you find an orange and black kit? Nowhere, you just immediately think about the Netherlands. We think that this kit would be a lot cleaner again if the pattern would be removed. This grade is mainly based on how unique the shirt is and maybe a little sentiment to our home country.



  • Unique


  • Ugly pattern
The Netherlands football Jersey

3. Greece Home Jersey 8.1/10

Clean and cultural. That's how I would describe the Greece kit to anyone. I mean, the white and blue color combination looks great ofcourse and is one of our favourites, but the suddle hint to the Greece Era. We can really appreciate the fact that they gave a little throwback in their jersey and think they are a worthy third place. Only reason that the kit isn't higher rated is that it's a little bit on the boring side to be the best kit. With that we don't mean add crazy patterns like the previous two shirts, but just have something going on on the shirt that catches the attention. We understand that there is a very thin line between keeping it clean and create a boring shirt and we still think Greece has created one of the best national team shirts at the moment.


  • Very Clean
  • Inclusion of culture


  • A bit boring


Greece football jersey

2. Scotland Away Jersey 8.4/10

Stunning. That is the first word that comes to mind when I saw this jersey. It's also the only away kit in this top 5. The colors give you that South American vibe with Argentina & Uruguay rocking these types of kits since we play the beautiful game. They did everything rigth in this shirt; from the pattern to the color combination, to the suddle Adidas stripes in the dark blue colors. This is a fantastic jersey and Scotland did do a fenominal job on this away shirt. 


  • Very nice use of colors
  • Good looking pattern


Scotland football jersey

1. Belgium Home Jersey 8.7/10

When the number 2 in the list has zero negatives, you know that it was a though choice to pick a number one. Ofcourse we kept in mind that it's a lot easier to make a great looking away jersey in comparison to a home jersey as with the home jersey you are limited to certain colors and styles. I think Belgium's home kit has been a bit of a meh over the past few years, by implementing the colors in a way that would not look the nicest on a football shirt. However this 2020 home jersey of Belgium just looks phenomenal. The red and black just looks fantastic with the aggressive diagonal stripes, as red and black are quite aggressive colors it matches perfectly with the patterns. To conclude I think the suddle yellow accents and the fact that the Adidas stripes are well integrated with the shirt, really top of the shirt and I think this is a worthy number 1.



  • Good looking colors
  • Matching color pattern with the colors



Belgium football jersey

Do you agree with our picks? Do you think we missed some good looking kits? Please share it with us within the comments section!

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